I have to say I love this company!  Keller Williams (KW) is leading the industry in what they do for our clients.  KW started their own mortgage company and tested it in a few markets over the past year before bringing it to Arizona.  They are rolling it out slowly just to keep the service levels high.  Think about every KW agent having every buyer start using this at the same time!  The loan officers would be pounded with business and not have time to provide outstanding service.  I had my first buyer use this and they saved approximately $4750!!  The fees saved were about $3750 and then KW gives our buyers $1,000 to use toward 3rd party fees like your prepaid insurance and taxes.  This is money that would be coming out of your pocket!   My clients used the money they would have spent on fixing up their backyard right after moving in.  If you are interested in buying a home download my app and click the Keller Mortgage Save Thousands button to get started.  And as always, you can call me directly at 623-203-1800 with any questions. 

Click Here:  http://app.kw.com/KW2FDMEH5