Did you know as of 2/7/19 …..


  * you can no longer text while driving in the City of Glendale?

  * even if you are stopped at a light and are texting you can be pulled over?

  * if you are caught texting and driving you could face a fine up to $250?

  * texting and driving is a primary offense meaning you can be pulled over for this alone?

  * if you are pulled over you will not only be getting a fine but also a speech as officers are wanting to educate drivers on the dangers of texting and driving?

  * if you don’t text while driving in the City of Glendale you do not have to worry and you will not be distracted while driving?  🙂 

Please don’t text and drive.  It is not worth taking the chance of something bad happening.  Be safe out there and good job City of Glendale!